Mr. Vaananen's latest musical effort, "The Last Book", was performed by the second graders at Wescott School this spring. This was one of Mr. V's four-star productions with music and words all about books. You may understand how it touched our hearts. The performers, of course, have no idea how beautiful they are. We wanted to share two of Mr. V's songs with you, "Saturday at the Book Bin" and "The Amazing Dr. Seuss". We hope you are as in awe as we are.

Click here to watch the two songs on Book Bin's YouTube channel


The Giving Tree

     For the 23rd year, we thank you for your support of our Giving Tree which provides books for inner city children. We will deliver the books on May 5th, 2014. The response every year is so typically Northbrook. Customers start asking in January when the Giving Tree program will begin. We had a lady say she had already picked some names but came in to pick some more. We have a customer who saves her quarters all year long and exchanges them for over $100 in Giving Tree books. One boy asked his mom if he could participate for a community service project; his mom took his picture holding the book he donated with his own allowance. More than one customer brings their child in to help pick out the books and understand the Giving Tree. Now is Northbrook a great village or what? 


Giving Tree 2013

Our Staff's Favorites

2013 Staff Photo

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The Girls

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